The Source of Gorilla’s Coffee

If you ever saw a yellow package branded after Gorilla’s Coffee, there is no doubt, you saw a sublime delicious coffee produced from the rich volcanic soils of a thousand hills – Rwanda, but roasted by Rwanda Farmers Coffee Company (RFCC), the company that operates in NAEB’s premises.

This coffee is produced by a panel of two brands namely “Rwandan Farmers” and “Gorilla’s Coffee.” RFCC insists on the quality of green bean supplies it collects from inspected farms of the members and the factory has been known for improving the management in coffee cooperatives and washing stations. As part of the supply chain, the factory also has a trained team of cuppers that work with farmers in evaluating and improving the quality of their coffee.

We talked to Eric Rukwaya, the marketing manager at the company and he shaded this light:

Our coffee beans are sourced from coffee cooperatives across Rwanda, we select the green coffee beans to this state-of-the-Art modern roasting machinery of 3,000kg/Day roasted coffee capacity. The machinery is made to provide precise results in roasting the coffee with an accuracy and consistency in Coffee Roasting profile

Gorilla’s Coffee is one of the most complex cup of coffee of Rwandan origin you will ever taste. It has a range of cup profile and notes of: “Dark chocolate, spice: like cloves, cinnamon and a hint of tropical fruits include lemons, strawberries, and other fruit.” It has a high sweetness, citrus taste of exotic tropical fruits and clean cup with lingering chocolates, sweetest and long finish.” All these are a result of efforts we merge to make our coffee’s quality the best: Rukwaya said.

At present we supply bulks of roasted coffee to hotels, retailers and coffee shops in ground or bean form and in the UK, through a unique partnership, provide coffee capsules to the consumer market.


Credits: NAEB

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