At Rwanda Farmers Coffee Company, we are not only serving one of the world’s best coffee being green or roasted. Also, we’re working with thousands of Rwandan farmers in their quest to move up and out of poverty with their families through their own production in our “Beyond Fair Trade” Model. We are being “Beyond Fair Trade” together for the farmers.
Our “Beyond Fair trade” social business model, assures a certain profit value goes back to coffee farmers and the other goes back to the development of the coffee sector in Rwanda. Buying this coffee ONE will not only feast on one of the world’s best coffee, will also be helping thousands of farmers in their quest to move up and out of poverty with their families. We are being BEYOND FAIR TRADE TOGETHER…
All our green beans are from farmers’ COOPERATIVES.
All our Six(6) Coopsare FAIRTRADE certified.
Hence we are FAIRTRADE certified(FLOID:33835) Fair trade as sures:Leadership,Goodmanagement,Gender,Environmental.,etc..,
Hence Reliable and sustainable coops
All our coops have been participating and winning into RwandaCOE.
Our Green beans are fully Traceable back to the Farmers– Coop profile are available
Total Farmers in all the actual 6 Coops:4,352 of which 36% are women
All the cooperatives can produce:49 Units of green coffee (790TRoasted Coffee

For orders above  150 Kg please contact us through info@gorillascoffee.com

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